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범 내려온다

범 내려온다 by 이날치 & 앰비규어스 댄스컴퍼니

이날치 X 앰비규어스 댄스컴퍼니

익숙한 듯 낯선 멋진 것

A tiger is coming down, a tiger is coming
A beast is coming down
through the deep valley in the pine woods

His body is freckled,
His tail is stuffed
which is longer than a grown man’s fathom.

Making the high hills shiver,
his front leg is like a quiver,
his hind paw is like a jar,
Both ears are ripped ajar. 

Brandishing his sickle claws,
He splashes grass roots and pebbles.
Opening his crimson jaws,
he rumbles.

Like the sky falls and
the ground settles down,
The turtle hides his head and
on the ground bows down.

Translated by 검은머리외계인 @ YouTube

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